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Top-Ranked UK Private Schools to Educate Your Children in 2020

According to ISC Research, the best private schools in UK educate around 6,5% of students in the country. Most of the parents with children enrolled in these institutions believe that they provide better education and higher test results. If you believe that your child should attend a private school, this list of the best private schools in UK may provide some helpful information. 

According to Expat Arrivals, private schools in London offer quality education and also have modern facilities, numerous extracurricular options, and smaller classes. Tuition is often lower in comparison to other cities while still following the national curriculum of the UK. Here are some following options:

  • Westminster School
  • Eaton Square Private School
  • Dulwich College
  • Harrow School for Boys
  • Queens Gate School for girls

Cambridgeshire also has many options to choose from. According to School Search, these schools accommodate a variety of needs such as boarding and co-education. This way, you are able to make the right decision for your child. The following are some top-ranked schools in the region:

  • Abbey College
  • Brookes School
  • MPW College
  • Riddlesworth Hall School
  • St. Edmund’s College

Oxford private schools are forward-thinking and provide a unique educational experience according to Red Kite Days. Parents who are seeking private education for their kids in Oxford should pay attention to the following options:

  • D’Overbroeck’s College
  • Radley Boys School
  • Thornton College
  • St. Edwards School
  • Oxford International College

Most cities in the United Kingdom have quality private schools that make good options for your children. Here are some alternative suggestions to the schools listed previously:

  • Brighton College
  • Queen Ethelburga’s College Boarding School
  • Aysgarth Private School
  • Abbey College Manchester
  • Rydal Penrhos School in Liverpool


Advantages of Private Schools

Every parent wants his child to attend a good school where there is an atmosphere of creativity, teachers are sympathetic to children, and pupils get high results on tests. Therefore, choosing the right school means finding an institution that is suitable for your child. Why do parents send their kids to private institutions and what exactly are they seeking there?

Well, when considering the best private schools in UK for children, it is expected that they will provide the following services:

  • High-quality basic education
  • The satisfaction of the educational needs of parents and students
  • A high percentage of positive results when applying for higher education
  • A selection of highly qualified teaching staff to work with students
  • Care for the health and physical development of students
  • Use of non-standard and effective technologies of education
  • A high level of equipment and comfort

In a private school, there are usually no more than 15 students enrolled in each class. This enables teachers to provide enough time for every child, both during the lesson and after it.

Many parents do not have enough time to fully engage with their kids by going to theatres, museums, sports classes, swimming pools, excursions, etc. In private establishments, students are busy 15-17 hours a day because the institution organizes both educational activities and active leisure.


In Conclusion

Of course, private schools have more opportunities for kids. Some institutions prepare children for international certification exams, and others use exclusive teaching methods developed by teachers. However, when enrolling in these schools, you need to make sure that the methodology used will be a suitable option for your child. Pay attention to the details and select wisely because it will make a foundation for the further success of your child.