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Boarding Schools in the UK: Common Facts, Myths, Facilities

Boarding schools in UK are paid establishments where some pupils not only study but also live. The term “boarding” means that the institution provides accommodation and meals for its residents.


Looking for a Safe Place

In most boarding schools in UK, pupils live in comfortable rooms equipped with necessary appliances. Some British students do not live there but with their parents if their homes are located nearby.

In a traditional school, lessons are held during three trimesters of 12 weeks on average. There are also long vacations between trimesters on Christmas and Easter, and in summer during which pupils go home. In the middle of each trimester, there is a small vacation that lasts only a few days.

A private school, especially if it is located outside the city, is an absolutely safe place for any child. Children are away from noisy streets and the temptations of big cities. Facilities are located in the cities are always forced to make a little more effort to ensure the safety of children. Boarding schools in UK are regularly checked by Social Care Inspection for compliance with 53 national standards.


Best Boarding Schools in UK

There are truly many good pensions in the Kingdom, however, these 15 options should be considered first:

  1. St Pauls School London; 
  2. Brookes School Cambridge;
  3. Rossall School;
  4. Taunton School;
  5. Sidcot School;
  6. Sevenoaks School;
  7. Gresham’s School;
  8. Kensington Park School;
  9. The King’s School Ely;
  10. Oswestry School;
  11. Claremont School;
  12. The King’s School Canterbury;
  13. ACS Cobham International School;
  14. Rugby School;
  15. Lucton School.


Myths About Boarding Schools in UK

The life of private pensions is surrounded by many myths. Let’s discuss some of them together:

  1. Your kid must be of aristocratic origin and extremely wealthy to attend such institutions.

Over the past decades, the British have become much more democratic in the selection of students and their families. They select a certain number of foreign schoolchildren (up to 20%). Fortunately, credit schemes and special grants for gifted pupils make education more accessible.

  1. Kids lack fun and entertainment

Boarding schools in UK are proud of their commitment to results: both academic ones and in sports, in music, in art, as well as in shaping social consciousness and understanding what does it mean to be a good citizen. Nevertheless, few children perceive schooling as boring or difficult since the main focus is always on the child’s interests.

  1. In boarding houses, foreign children are not appreciated

In modern institutions, usually 10–20% of students are foreigners. Attracting foreign pupils is part of the internal code. This gives children a chance to better learn the world not by stereotypes of adults, but from real communication with representatives of different cultures.

Giving your child to such a school is a good decision, which will positively impact their further development. So, don’t hesitate and select a proper establishment.