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Summer camp in the UK is an opportunity to spend useful holidays

Summer camps in UK are based on old boarding schools and are located in elegant architectural complexes in the middle of green areas with sports fields suited for holidays in UK. Such camps have all the necessary equipment: libraries, swimming pools, tennis courts, gyms and art studios. Here are the top 10 of them.


Bell St Albans

The school is located on a 60-acre former Victorian monastery. Students live and study in the main building, which is surrounded by traditional English gardens. Sports and playgrounds are also located on the territory of the centre. Students are provided with free Internet access.

  1. Harrow House

The camps in UK are equipped with everything necessary not only for foreign language classes but also for active physical and creative pastime. For active students, there are fitness and yoga studios, tennis and basketball courts, and an indoor heated pool. A library, mini theatre, and computer classes with Internet access are available for those with an analytical and creative mindset.

  1. St John’s School Leatherhead

The school has earned a reputation as a progressive educational institution due to its innovative approach to learning. In addition to standard textbooks, multimedia materials are widely used in lessons. Every year most of its students perform brilliantly at GCSEs.

  1. SBC Oxford Summer School

The green area with numerous infrastructure facilities is perfect for productive study and recreation during holidays in UK. On the campus, there are educational and residential buildings, an indoor pool, a theatre, 12 tennis courts, a dance studio, football, basketball, and volleyball fields.

  1. Millfield Enterprises

The school offers a wide range of language programs. English lessons are combined with interesting excursions and sports. Children can learn to play golf, tennis or horse riding under the guidance of a professional trainer.

  1. Studio Cambridge Sir Richard

The school has a heated swimming pool, gym, tennis courts, cricket fields, its own theatre, dance studios, and a modern football field. All classrooms are equipped with modern audio and video technologies.

  1. Concord College

Amazing infrastructure, attention to the needs of each student, and the undisputed professionalism of teachers make studying here unforgettable for both long-term and short-term students.

  1. Sherborne International College

The educational centre has a comfortable and friendly environment. Due to the small size of classes — up to 8 people — all students and teachers know each other well, which creates a cosy, almost family atmosphere.

  1. Lines Downe House

The safety of young students is the school’s top priority. The ratio of the number of school staff to the number of students is 1:4, respectively. 

  1. Pilgrims Bradfield College

At the disposal of students — an indoor gym and tennis centre, a large swimming pool, numerous fields for various sports, and excellent infrastructure for theatre and art classes.