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Why You Should Send Your Kid to the UK Girls Boarding School

English secondary education is considered to be an example of proper schooling worldwide. The training system in them has been evolving for centuries without dubious experiments by the government. Keeping all the valuable things from the past, the best boarding schools in UK accept and use contemporary technologies, new equipment, and new approaches to learning:

  • Science labs here are at the university level,
  • Professional artists perform in its theaters,
  • Innovative projects of schoolchildren often go beyond the average level and become successful startups.

The former asceticism of English schools has been displaced by the comfort and care for children. However, the key thing has not changed: these establishments comprehensively prepare children for adult life.


How to Choose Among Girls Boarding Schools in UK?

There are more than two thousand private establishments in the UK, including about 500 residential schools. According to the results of the GCSE and A-level exams, national ratings of the best institutions are annually made in Britain. They also include the best private schools for girls located in the picturesque places of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

In recent years, the first places in them have been taken by new foreign institutions and colleges, which select the most capable children from different places of the globe. Loving parents of girls from various states are searching for the boarding schools in UK with a name and history that have shown consistently high results for hundreds of years.

When selecting a school in the UK, you should pay attention to:

  • Average results in those disciplines that are necessary for your child,
  • Information on admission to top universities in the intended specialty in recent years;
  • The qualifications of teachers in relevant subjects;
  • Chances to participate in regional and international competitions;
  • Good feedbacks from foreign students;
  • Good living conditions.

The main thing is that all this info is available and its results are absolutely transparent, which, in particular, is reflected in the national ratings.


Best Schools for Girls in 2020

Considering the latest rankings based on the results of 2019, we suggest you paying attention to the following girls boarding schools in UK:

  • Adcote School for Girls; 
  • Marymount International School London;
  • Headington School;
  • Benenden School; 
  • Badminton School;
  • Thornton College; 
  • Royal Masonic School for Girls;
  • Heathfield School; 
  • Wycombe Abbey School;
  • St.Mary’s School.

Taking care of the child, which is crucial in a foreign state, these institutions offer high-quality schooling, development of individual abilities, as well as accommodation, meals, leisure and entertainment, round-the-clock care and a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, boarding schools in UK give the experience of independent living, which eliminates infantilism and raises responsibility.

The famous schools of the United Kingdom have brought up more than one generation of the world elite: politicians, statesmen, scientists, writers, artists, and athletes. Nowadays, they are the alma mater for the top authorities in Britain and many states of the globe. According to the recent data, the United Kingdom Cabinet has more than a third (39%) of graduates of private institutions. The majority of graduates are among the supreme judges (65%), members of the House of Lords (57%), and high-ranking civil servants (59%).

So, if you want your little princess to get a high-quality education and bring up a purposeful personality with a strong character – select one of the UK private boarding schools and enjoy the result.