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The Whole Truth About Getting Into Top Uk Schools: Tips to Remember

You may wonder, why is it worth studying in England and prepare for entry tests for schools in UK? Studying in the UK will give foreign students a chance to master English perfectly at any level of training. Besides, British education is time-tested, it’s quality is confirmed by the high results of graduated students — they successfully enter the world’s leading universities and then build a successful career. 

There are also benefits for local students: schools and colleges in the UK have everything children need to study and relax. The campuses include modern sports centres, mini-lakes and parks, theatres and galleries. Laboratories are equipped with the latest models of microscopes and telescopes. 


How to Enter Top British Schools

Despite rumours in the media about the alleged decline in interest in the UK, the reality is that every year it becomes more difficult to enter the best private schools. Even the term “enter” has been replaced by the succinct one “get in,” which more accurately reflects the real situation. 

Get in means to pass all the entry tests for schools in UK and receive an official offer of a place from the school, which entitles you to pay a deposit equal to the cost of one trimester of study. Because of the high cost of land, education in private British schools is predictably expensive. Despite the impressive cost of education, demand is increasingly outstripping supply, and it is not easy to get into the top British schools, even if you have all the necessary sum.

Such names as Eton, Latymer, and St. Paul’s have long been prestigious brands that almost guarantee a successful career and a comfortable future for their graduates. And since every parent wants the best for their child, education costs are the last thing they save on. Faced with a growing number of applicants, schools are forced to introduce new, sophisticated selection systems that imply entry tests for schools in UK. A certain percentage of places are given to scholars — talented students from low-income families. 

To increase your chances of getting into a good selective school, you need to:

  1. Hire tutors in advance.
  2. Attend all preparatory courses, if the school offers such.
  3. Apply to several schools at once.
  4. Accumulate sufficient start-up capital.
  5. Pay deposits for holding a place in more than one school.


Changes in the System of Entrance Exams

Due to increased demand, individual schools were forced to introduce a system of pre-entry tests for schools in UK — that is, pre-tests in Year 6, according to which successful candidates are offered places in Year 9, provided when applicants score enough points on Common Entrance. And recently, particularly popular schools in the UK, such as Westminster and St. Paul’s, have even introduced a system of “pre-pre-tests”, called the ISEB (Independent Schools Examinations Board) Common Pre-Test, which allows filtering out some candidates even before the pre-tests (or pre-interview).