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The UK is the European Leader Concerning the Quality of Education

The absolute majority of English schools are included in international ratings of the best secondary educational institutions and top UK school rankings. This is quite understandable. Such schools provide their students with cosy campuses, unique laboratories, and specialized classrooms, as well as the best teachers working according to modern methods. So, let’s consider the top 10 schools from the UK school ranking.


Concord College

The сollege offers a high level of secondary education in exact sciences and liberal arts. It is historically proud of the high academic results of its graduates and consistently remains in first positions in UK school rankings of the best secondary schools in the UK.

  1. Adcote International School

Thanks to the knowledge received at this boarding school, graduates have the opportunity to enter such universities as Harvard, Oxford, Princeton, and Cambridge. Students from 17 countries of the world are studied at the institution.

  1. Millfield School

The school has the best conditions for sports, swimming, and horse riding. At the same time, students from 50 countries of the world study here. Famous graduates of this school include British TV presenters, Olympic champions, and scientists.

  1. Box Hill School

The school is known for its strong academic preparation in GCSE, International Baccalaureate, and ISC international learning centre programs. Box Hill’s academic programs are recognized and respected among the world’s leading universities.

  1. Oxford St. Clare’s

An international college with an excellent reputation, founded in 1959 in Oxford. It offers training programs for targeted training in reputable British universities and Ivy League universities in the United States for foreign applicants.

  1. Ashford School

It is traditionally one of the top institutions in UK school rankings. Since 2010, methodological innovations have been introduced in the school curriculum, providing an innovative approach to the teaching system. The new program combines learning with adventures.

  1. DLD College

The International Foundation Programm, created by the school as an alternative to the A-level program for more focused pre-university training, has been approved by 50 universities around the world.

  1. CATS College

All its campuses have the latest laboratories and equipment. Every week, all students are certified to identify strengths and weaknesses in the material received, to avoid falling behind during the trimester.

  1. Bellerbys College

For 50 years, the college has helped international students prepare for entering universities in the UK. An extensive range of training programs allows students from different countries to easily integrate into the British education system.

  1. Queen Ethelburga’s College

The school is modernly equipped, and its facilities are updated annually. Also, students are allowed to bring their pets with them. There are also extensive opportunities for horse riding, climbing, potholing, traditional sports and canoeing.