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What Is the Pathway Programme and How to Successfully Apply for It

Becoming a student at a British institute is the dream of many graduates. The most prestigious world institutions with a bright history are located here. However, to become one of the successful students, foreign applicants have to enroll in the Pathway Program, which is also known as the International Foundation in UK (IF).


What is the Pathway Program?

The majority of such programs last 1 academic year (3 semesters). Foundation Year students take an intensive English course and study 3-4 subjects in their specialty at a basic level. At the end of the year, they pass exams, on the basis of which their success rating is determined. In order to be eligible to enter a partner university, the progress should be 60-70% and higher.

The main areas of Foundation Year programs are:

  1. Business (Economics, International Business, Finance, Management and Marketing, Trade, etc.);
  2. Engineering or Construction;
  3. Science (Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biology);
  4. Humanities/Law (Jurisprudence, Political Science, Sociology);
  5. Computing Sciences (IT-technologies, software development, etc.);
  6. Art & Design (Art, Design, Architecture);
  7. Media (Journalism, Media).

Non-Residents can take the IF program in the following educational institutions:

  • Private schools (Sidcot School);
  • Private international colleges (Rochester Independent College);
  • Sixth Form Colleges and Colleges of Further Education (King’s College St Michael’s, University College London);
  • Universities (University of Bath).


How to Apply?

Those people aiming to apply for the IF course should meet the following admission requirements:

  • Minimum age: 16 y.o.;
  • Certificate of complete secondary education and application with grades;
  • Knowledge of English at IELTS 4.5 level and above (depending on the educational institution).

Unlike the A-level program, for which the student must already speak English at a high level, the foundation in UK pays great attention to the development of academic language skills and improving the level of General English. During the first trimester, students often learn only English and prepare for IELTS, while significantly improving basic learning skills in an English-speaking environment.

The program was created specifically for foreign students, therefore, it takes into account the need for their adaptation to the new environment and provides a balance between language training and academic subjects.


National Rankings

Every year, educational institutions of the UK are ranked by various criteria, including the average results of the exams, level of teachers’ expertise, percentage of successful admission to the universities, etc. However, the main thing every student should know is that he or she should primarily focus on one’s own expectations and requirements when selecting an institution. It is important to check whether a certain college or school cooperates with the university of your dream and make a final decision.

What are your expectations regarding the IF institution? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.