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Thirty Top-Ranked British Universities for Foreign Students

The UK is home to many of the best universities in the world, so it is not surprising that they are a top destination for foreign students. British universities are prestigious and provide high-quality learning experiences through their professors. The UK is additionally a diverse and multicultural area for those looking for top-career opportunities. 

For foreign students looking to apply to UK universities, this list of possible options may be helpful:

  1. Cambridge University;
  2. Oxford University;
  3. London Business School;
  4. London School of Economics and Political Science;
  5. University College London;
  6. Imperial College London;
  7. University of Warwick;
  8. TBS Business School;
  9. London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine; 
  10. Durham University;
  11. University of Law;
  12. King’s College London;
  13. St Andrews University;
  14. Royal Holloway University of London;
  15. University of Bath;
  16. University of Birmingham;
  17. University for the Creative Arts;
  18. Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts;
  19. BIMM — British & Irish Modern Music Institute;
  20. Brighton and Sussex Medical School;
  21. Glion Institute of Higher Education;
  22. Courtauld Institute of Art in London; 
  23. London School of Business and Finance;
  24. HULT International Business School;
  25. London College of Fashion;
  26. Royal Veterinary College;
  27. Central Film School;
  28. Marangoni Institute;
  29. INTO World Education Center;
  30. Royal Academy of Music.


Why Choose One of the British Institutions?

A significant number of undergraduates studying in Great Britain agree that local educational services offer exceptional practical and technical skills. Because of this, most newly grads in the UK are at a high demand in the job market. Many large companies hunt down Oxford or Cambridge graduates, and these students are well aware of their exclusiveness. Most students are immediately employed after receiving their diplomas, so job security is an attractive benefit.

Additionally, top UK universities are always well-equipped in resources and offer a high level of scientific research. Students have access to the latest technical material, scientific resources, and top world libraries. UK universities also have cooperation with many other establishments around the world. This guarantees the opportunity to participate in international programs, including exchanges and internships.

Finally, British universities come with the opportunity to expand your personal and professional network. These people may become future business partners or advisors to you later on in life. These connections are especially valuable when starting a successful career.


In Conclusion

Choosing an Alma Mater is an important step for every student. This choice determines the future for these students and provides them with a valuable degree. For those that are unsure of which institutions to apply for, trust your instinct and consult with the professionals around you.