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Top-10 Summer Camps for Kids: English Courses in the United Kingdom

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In recent years, the increasing popularity of children’s language camps in UK make many parents search for relevant options. As a rule, these programs are round-the-clock, which means that children are at school 24/7.

There is no doubt that a child will gain a tremendous amount of knowledge and new impressions by participating in such a program. They will plunge into the British language environment, get acquainted with the everyday life of England, and improve their speaking skills in a short time. A child will also meet many new friends, which will motivate them for further language learning.


Types of Language Camps in UK

So, if you want to arrange your child unforgettable vacation in England, you should consider a proper option for it. Sometimes, parents and children can study English in the same language center and live together. Such a program, for example, can be arranged at Kings Summer Moreton Hall.

In general, camps in UK also differ by the location of the programs:

  1. Private schools or colleges (Concord College, Millfield School, St. Clare’s Oxford, etc);
  2. Universities (the University of London, St Mary’s University, University of Sussex, Oxford, etc.);
  3. Language centers (OISE, Kings Summer Oxford, LAL, etc.).

Children can spend their vacations anywhere in the UK. It all depends on the preferences and aspirations of the student and his parents. The geography of the UK camps is amazing: there are camps in noisy and modern London, legendary Oxford and Cambridge, romantic Bath, fashionable Brighton, or ancient Canterbury. Now, let’s proceed to the concrete rankings.


Top-10 Destinations

If you have no clue regarding the place, where you could send your child to learn English, here are the top-10 options for you:

  • Cambridge University Summer
  • Chelsea Independent College
  • Eton College Summer
  • Tottenham Football Camp
  • Oxford University Summer School
  • Brighton College Summer
  • Nike Football Camp
  • Royal Holloway Summer
  •  Charterhouse School Summer
  • Regent Stowe School

Studying and living in the UK is not cheap. However, this is primarily due to the high level of training programs, their effectiveness, the professionalism of the staff (teachers and curators), a large number of extracurricular activities (sports or entertainment), a rich excursion program, and comfortable living conditions. The cost of any program usually includes accommodation, full-board meals, English courses (20-30 lessons), and an entertainment program.


In Conclusion

If you plan to send your child abroad, then a vacation in England (UK) can be a great option. Such an experience will allow your child to not only have fun but also get good practice in learning a language. A trip to England will be an unforgettable event in the life of your kid and will bring a lot of new impressions from the country, traditions, culture, and communication peers from all over the world.