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What Is British A-Level Program for Pupils and How to Apply for It

Many foreigners are dreaming to send their kids to a UK school. This is not surprising, because the study in UK after grade 10, 11, 12 is the first step to a brilliant career. Attending a private school in England makes it possible to apply to the state’s institutes that open the doors of any company or corporation, including transnational ones.

Thus, the main goal of foreigners is to prepare for college or university admission. In this regard, you may be interested in an A-level course that aims to prepare pupils for applying.


What Is A-Level?

A-level is the final step of graduation from English schools. After graduation from the course, people pass the tests, the results of which are accepted by all British institutions. The studying is structured as follows: from dozens of subjects offered by the school, pupils select 3-6 disciplines that they will study at a deep level. Their number depends on what institute a person plans to enroll:

  • 3 subjects – the minimum requirement to obtain an A-level certificate;
  • 4-6 subjects are chosen by talented students, aimed at entering prestigious institutions.

If a student cannot decide what to do in the future, they choose a general set of subjects: mathematics, English, 1-2 disciplines of natural and social sciences. During the course, the pupil can also do research – Extended Project, which will be an additional bonus when entering a university.


How to Apply to Study in UK After Grade 10, 11, 12

To become an A-level student at a British school, a foreigner must submit the following documents:

  1. A transcript of school grades for the previous 2-3 years and for the current school year;
  2. Сertificate of secondary education (most often, the applicant is still at school, so having a certificate is not obligatory);
  3. Language Test Certificate (IELTS).

Specific requirements for language test results vary from place to place. An international college may accept a student with IELTS 5.5, and for a prestigious British pension, even 7.0 is sometimes not enough. A similar situation is with grades.

The A-level course is the best way to prepare for university. At the end of the A-level, the student should not take additional tests or spend time on language training. The course allows a kid to improve language skills and other academic disciplines.


In Conclusion

Take your time to consider the most relevant options for your kid. Pay special attention to the abilities of a child and approach your decision accordingly. Finally, this is a perfect way to make your input into his or her future. Good luck!