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Costs for Studying in the US institutions: Fees for Foreigners

This country has always been the desired place for foreign students. The possibility to study in USA and get an American diploma attracts applicants worldwide because it provides brilliant career prospects. Moreover, US institutions get the top places in global rankings.

The national system of education provides a wide selection of institutions: there are around 2,000 universities and at least 50 private schools in every state. It allows foreign residents to get a degree in almost any specialty. However, the price for such services usually plays a decisive role. So, if you want to Study in USA, fees alongside the duration and location of the programs – are the key criteria of your choice.


Fees for International Applicants

Foreign applicants can take advantage of either secondary or higher education in the US. The US boarding schools have always been among the most prestigious around the globe, whose diplomas make a competitive advantage if applying to American or other universities. Foreign students usually start studying with the Middle School. The fare of secondary education traditionally includes:

  • Lessons;
  • Residence;
  • Meals;
  • Learning materials;
  • Excursion programs;
  • Entertaining activities;
  • Medical insurance;
  • English classes.

In this regard, foreigners will pay from $11,000 to $93,000 per year depending on the state, prestigiousness, and level of the services.

American institutions offer a large selection of trendy and relevant specialties. Studying at the US universities makes it possible to learn science in the highly-equipped laboratories and have access to the best studying materials available in the libraries. Most US institutions and colleges have close relations with large companies. This allows students to take internships during studying and find a job just after graduation. So, the cost of university education usually includes:

  • Lessons;
  • Learning materials;
  • Residence (optional);
  • Language courses (optional).

According to the official data, the annual cost for higher education in the US will be from $5,000 to $60,000.


Other Opportunities to Study in USA

Studying languages in the US is becoming increasingly popular since the “American” version of English is considered the international language of politics and finance.

There are several types of language programs for adults:

  • General courses,
  • Preparation for exams,
  • Business courses, etc.

Business courses are a great opportunity to get new business contacts and visit American enterprises. The price for such services usually varies in duration, cost, and location, but if we consider the one-term course, it usually costs from $6,000 per one term.

Language camps offer many English learning programs for children, depending on the duration and level of knowledge. It can be short-term (from 2 weeks) and vacation programs, as well as preparation courses for those entering American universities. Many programs are conducted at leading American universities. Such courses are an opportunity to not only learn the language but also get acquainted with the culture of America, visit sightseeing places, etc.

The price for such programs usually starts from $375 per week and includes accommodation and learning materials.


In Conclusion

The largest number of foreign students get a diploma in the USA. American diplomas are recognized all over the world and you will not have problems with employment or continuing to study in another country. US institutions get the leading positions in global rankings, which confirms the relevance and importance of them. The contacts and experience gained there will open the doors to successful companies.