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10 Places to Start the Foundation Courses in the United Kingdom

Getting a diploma in Britain is a perfect contribution to career development. If you are among those potential candidates, then you require the pre-admission courses as university preparation in UK. For this purpose, you need to obtain a high-school certificate or to be a high-school student.

University preparation in UK is available in the following forms:

  1. A-level Baccalaureate – a two-year program that covers the last 2 years in British schools;
  2. Foundation program – a one-year program for graduates of international schools that covers the twelfth grade of UK school education. After finishing the course, students will be able to start the 1st year at a particular institution.

Now, let’s check out the list of ten available programs to start in the nearest future.


10 Programs for Foreign Residents

If you have already decided on a place of studying, then the best choice will be the Foundation Certificate. Usually, the successful completion of this program guarantees a successful admission to the place of your dream (except for Cambridge and Oxford). The Foundation usually takes place on the basis of universities where the professors from this particular institution conduct lessons. Moreover, students live on campus, have access to the whole infrastructure of the institution, can join local communities and clubs, and fully adapt to the new life. For example, you can check the following options to pass this program:

  1. The University of Oxford;
  2. The Royal Holloway University of London;
  3. The University of Birmingham;
  4. The University of Warwick;
  5. The University of Bristol.

The program may take place in private schools and colleges that focus on pre-admission preparation of foreign candidates. Most schools and colleges book places for their students in the UK if they see a proper approach to learning, high scores for the studied subject, and a successful English test. The program lasts one year and allows the student to boost their knowledge of English and gain relevant academic results for enrollment. In this regard, you can consider the following places:

  • Abbey DLD College, London;
  • CATS College, London;
  • Abbey College, Cambridge; 
  • King’s College, London;
  • Earlscliffe College.


A-Level for Oxford Applicants

For the most ambitious applicants, as well as those who decided to apply to Cambridge and Oxford, the British A-level program is the best option. It is held on the basis of private language schools and colleges and lasts 2 years. Before the start, the pupil chooses 5-7 subjects that he or she will study and pass exams accordingly. The results will become the basis for admission to the institution. Today, the A-level is the most effective and reliable way to enter UK universities.

Start your preparation right now to increase your chances of success. Good luck!