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5 Tips for Oxford Applicants: Preparation, Motivation, Grades

Oxford is a legendary university with an impeccable academic reputation. Every student wants to get into Oxford, but enrolling in this university is extremely difficult. Only careful preparation will increase the chances of studying side by side with future Nobel laureates, kings, prime ministers, and prize winners of the Olympic Games. What does this preparation include?


Fundamental Approach

Until recently, we knew about Oxford only from films and books, and today foreign schoolchildren have the same chances to enter this university as Brits. The main thing is to work out a strategy in advance, and then successfully enrol. We hope the following tips will help you in this way:

1) Start with secondary education

If you intend to enrol in one of the best universities in the world, it is worth starting with secondary education. During the last two years of high school, potential applicants should start the preparatory programs (A-Level or International Baccalaureate). At this stage, you need to choose the subjects that will be needed to get into Oxford.

2) Boost your skills

When drawing up recommendations for admission, the selection committee is guided by the student’s academic success, independence of thinking, skills, and passion for the chosen speciality. For admission to any speciality, you must pass the test. For example, future architects provide a portfolio, while software developers pass the test directly at the interview.

3) Show your excellent grades

Among the general requirements for applicants are a high level of English proficiency and the successful completion of A-Level or IB. In particular, successful candidates should meet the following criteria:

  • TOEFL — 100 points,
  •  IELTS — 7.0,
  •  A-Levels — AAA or AAA *,
  •  IB — 38,
  •  SAT-Critical Reading — 1400, Math — 1400, Writing — 700, Subject Test — 700.

Additionally, studying at a British private school increases the chances of enrolling in many times.

4) Choose a good tutor

Applications to Oxford are filed one year in advance. Therefore, you need to tell your school administration in advance about your intention to enter one of the most prestigious universities in the UK. A mentor begins to work with the student to help him to write a motivation letter, prepare for the interview, and exams.

5) Prepare a hooking motivation letter

“When the mentor and I were writing a personal statement (motivation letter), we probably had five drafts. From the very first that I wrote, only one paragraph survived, because we changed the rest to make it sound good. If the person who reads your letter does not immediately like it, he will reject it. There are a lot of applications for admission, so we spent a lot of time writing the right first paragraph,” — shared her experience the Oxford student Polina.


In Conclusion

Interestingly, there are 26 Nobel Prize winners and 26 British prime ministers among Oxford’s graduates. According to statistics, 91% of graduates are satisfied with the quality of their education. For all the years the university has existed, students from 140 countries managed to visit its walls. Currently, there are two students from the UK for one foreigner.

There is a huge number of charitable foundations that provide scholarships for Oxford students. There is also an alternative guide with more than 100 options for obtaining additional funding, grants, and the rules for filling out applications. Check them carefully and try your chances.